Q: What is acupuncture?


A: Acupuncture is the process of putting hair thin sterile needles into the skin to promote well being, reduce pain and reduce stress. 

Q: What can Acupuncture do for me? 

Acupuncture is an all-natural solution to pain and other conditions. There is no medicine given during an acupuncture treatment. Sterile, hair thin surgical stainless steel needles are inserted into the skin to elicit a parasympathetic response, inducing relaxation and healing.

In terms of Chinese medicine theory, acupuncture balances the energy in the particular meridian channel, reducing pain and eliciting feelings of relaxation at the time of treatment and afterwords. 

The conditions that acupuncture can help is very long, and the World Health Organization has recognized it for conditions ranging from chronic pain to helping with dysmenorrhea. 

What conditions does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can treat conditions like chronic and acute pain of all types. Some people report using less painkillers after receiving acupuncture treatment. It can also be used to prevent migraines and headaches, and emotion based problems like anxiety and depression. Other conditions include Bell's palsy and smoking cessation. 


These are some of the conditions we treat at Empower Community Acupuncture in New Hope MN. If you have questions about whether your condition can be treated, give us a call at 763-317-6228.

Acupuncture at Empower Community Acupuncture is not a cure all, but it can help symptoms of many different problems. Acupuncture tends to reduce symptoms enough that people realize it can help them. 

You do not need to "believe" in acupuncture for it to work- it works naturally without any medication and is very safe in the hands of a good practitioner. 

I recommend you try acupuncture with a practitioner that suits you, and it will open the possibilities to you. 



A: Reactions to acupuncture vary by person, but most people tolerate it very well. Depending on where the needle is placed, you may feel a small pinch. We use hair thin needles that are different (much smaller) than the ones you see at the medical doctor's office. Points are picked by the acupuncturist based on the clinical presentation to best treat your condition. 




Acupuncture can provide relief as soon as the first treatment. Other times, it will require several treatments in order to see results. At Empower Community Acupuncture, we provide affordable rates so you can see us as often as once a week to even every day, 5 times a week. 

What is medical qigong?

Medical Qigong is the process of doing energy work on the body so that the body's life force energy is cleared of blockages. Blockages come in the form of ailments in the body, and using external medical qigong healing, your energy blockages may be cleared. 

How does medical qigong sessions work?

Medical qigong can be done with or without acupuncture needles. Having the needles in place while the medical qigong is done can be very useful in opening up the energy meridians in the body. Medical qigong is done without touching the body. Special techniques are used to clear and clean the energy body of the patient, as well as working on ailments that the body may have.