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The Affordable Heal- Empower Community acupuncture

The Affordable Heal: Empower Community Acupuncture Opens in New Hope with new business model

By William Huynh

Right along 42nd avenue, across from the YMCA, William Huynh from Empower Community Acupuncture does business differently. He has brought the price of acupuncture service to a reasonable price by seeing multiple patients at the same time. He charges less than half of what other charge. His reasoning? "I want to serve the public by lowering the cost of acupuncture so it is affordable for all, and patients can go multiple times per week." Acupuncture is a treatment that involves placing hair thin sterile needles into the skin. Acupuncture is effective for many conditions like low back pain and tennis elbow, as well as other pain conditions both chronic and acute, including arthritis. Others have used acupuncture for smoking cessation, depression, insomnia, post operative nausea, and premenstrual syndrome. John I. is a patient who has seen William often. He says, "I am a student, and it helped me a lot. It is very affordable. I wish i could have come earlier. It helped in maybe 2-3 days of treatment. Will does a great job."

Acupuncturists must have a masters degree, be board certified and licensed to practice in Minnesota. "There is no other place in New Hope, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Robbinsdale, Crystal, Brooklyn Center, Wayzata, Plymouth, or Maple Grove where you can get an acupuncture treatment for $35 to $25 dollars." The standard price for acupuncture is usually $60-75 a treatment, and can even be as high as $125 for a single treatment. Although he did not invent the model of seeing multiple patients at a time, he attributes his success in opening shop in December 2016 to POCA, a national cooperative of acupuncturists dedicated to seeing and serving more patients, particularly in the working and middle class. The first Community Acupuncture clinic was opened by Lisa Rohleder, a licensed acupuncturist from Portland, Oregon. There are now over 200 acupuncture clinics in the US that follow the principles of POCA, the multi-stakeholder cooperative that organizes Community Acupuncture.   

William graduated from Carleton College, where he studied philosophy and was pre-med. "I first knew I wanted to be an acupuncturist when I got treated for my jaw pain and the pain went away within 2-3 treatments!" That and the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine led him to enroll at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) to get his Masters degree in acupuncture. The philosophy of TCM is holistic and gives knowledge to acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.  

He shares his clinic space with a chiropractor, Dr. Lori Tenenbaum, also a graduate of NWHSU, who has this to say about William: "I enjoy having William sharing my office space. He is very professional and serves his patients well. I have been in this practice for many years and have never shared space with an acupuncturist before. I am happy I had the space available for William's practice. I would recommend his services to anyone." 

She is a true advocate for alternative medicine and she has been in private practice as a chiropractor for over 32 years.  "Although William and I have separate practices we share the same goal: to help as many people as possible get and stay healthy."

You can reach William Huynh, licensed acupuncturist, at his office by calling 763-317-6228 or by going to He charges $35 for first visits, and $25 for all returning visits. His rates are comparable to co-pays for insurance, but he does not take insurance.  To reach Lori Tenenbaum, DC call  763 205 5733. . For more information on community acupuncture go to